About Us

Wildwood is a Market Research and Marketing Solutions provider – helping you make critical business decisions.

Our people at Wildwood have been working hard on behalf of all our clients for over 10 years in order to harness the power of effective research.

For us gathering insight has been all about complete engagement with the brief and a commitment to quality and great result.

Our enthusiastic team comes equipped with many years of experience in market research, business development and marketing and although we love research we especially love making our clients’ businesses more successful.

Quality assurance

Wildwood strictly adheres to the conducts of practice laid down by the Market Research Society (MRS). All documents and reports are subjected to several stages of accuracy checking to ensure the reliability of all content.

We are active members of a range of professional bodies including Market Research Society MRS, Association of Quality Research (AQR), and the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).

As an organisation we are also a member of the Local Authorities Research & Intelligence Association (LARIA)

Essential Solutions to Help Grow your Business

Based in beautiful Cumbria we offer the excellent service and results you would expect from our much bigger research and marketing cousins.

This means we are passionate about the full exploration of both the consumer and business world to provide context for research results.

For us it’s all about remembering the importance of change and keeping apace with a changing economy and rapidly evolving marketplace.





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